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Long time friends Vanessa Scotto and Brooke Thomas are having conversations about being spiritual practitioners in the modern world.

How do you find sacredness in today's materialistic society? Is there a place for psychology in the realm of spirituality? Can embodied meditation lead to greater evolution? How do we ultimately embrace more aliveness- all the beauty and crazy, the joys and messes, the bliss and the grit that is a human life?

Join us as we feel our way through the path by integrating somatic practices, psychology, spirituality, and transformation through meditation.  

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Brooke Thomas has been in practice as a manual therapist (Rolfing practitioner) and movement educator since 2000. She also runs the podcast Liberated Body. 

Her work is devoted to uncovering and celebrating how truly wondrous our human bodies are as alive, thriving, whole organisms that connect us to ourselves, our world, and our source. 

Brooke came to embodiment the hard way after growing up with physical and neurological challenges related to a birth injury. This made her body an uncomfortable place to be, and therefore one that was convenient to ignore until a health crisis in her early twenties challenged her to heal. 

Since coming home to her body, Brooke has discovered that there is so much more available than simply "feeling better", and that cultivating a relationship with the body can allow one's whole life to unfold. 

Brooke dedicates her work with gratitude to her teachers: Kiran Trace, Reggie Ray, Tami Simon, Amma, Grace Bell, and Judith Blackstone. 

Visit Brooke's personal site to work with her. 


Vanessa Scotto is a Counselor, meditation teacher, and Chinese Medicine practitioner whose work integrates spirituality and psychology. In her early twenties, Vanessa's own struggle with depression and anxiety catapulted her on an academic and personal journey. Along the way she earned two Masters degrees and logged over 20 years of clinical practice. 

Vanessa believes that the most effective path we can walk to recover more wholeness, ease, and peace of mind combines psychological healing with an embodied meditation practice. What Vanessa is most proud of in her life is having courage to face her own fears and conditioning to find more truth, freedom and comfort with silence. 

Vanessa dedicates her work with gratitude to her teachers: John Welwood, Tami Simon, Reggie Ray, Robert Thurman, Joe Loizzo, Judith Blackstone, Kiran Trace, and Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche. 

Visit Vanessa's personal site to work with her.