complete episode list

Bonus Ep 68: Meditation and Song with John Lockley

Ep 67: Ancestry, Heart, and Instinct: A Conversation with John Lockley 

Ep 66: Everything is Welcome Here: Reflections on a Weekend with Matt Kahn

Ep 65: What if Nothing is a Problem? 

Ep 64: On Aliveness

Ep 63: Living From the Heart: A Conversation with John Prendergast

Ep 62: Extraordinarily Ordinary

Ep 61: Should We Focus on Positivity?

Ep 60: Are We Responsible for Others?

Ep 59: On Making Yourself a Problem

Ep 58: Over-Identifying with the Body

Ep 57: Groundlessness Again?

Ep 56: Mercy to the Humans: A Conversation with Jeannie Zandi

Ep 55: Hearing the Unseen Worlds

Ep 54: The Spiritual Path is Not a Benzo

Ep 53: Awakening FOMO

Ep 52: Attachment Issues and Spirituality

Ep 51: The Awakening Nervous System

Ep 50: Actually Loving What Arises

Ep 49: The Need for Approval

Ep 48: Body as Object or Body as Self? 

Ep 47: Finding Truth in Your Body: An Interview with Kiran Trace

Ep 46: Trust Your Life: Reflections on a Weekend with Adyashanti

Ep 45: Purpose

Ep 44: The Subtle Edges of Relationship

Ep 43: Life as an Empath

Ep 42: The Dynamics of Energy

Ep 41: The Realization Process with Judith Blackstone

Ep 40: Identity Crisis

Ep 39: Self-Compassion Part 2

Ep 38: The Importance of Community

Ep 37: Self-Compassion Along the Way

Ep 36: Acceptance, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm

Ep 35: Pain Bodies in Action

Ep 34: Fuck Spiritual Shame

Ep 33; The Self-Referencing Bubble

Ep 32: Holding Space for Not Knowing

Ep 31: Defining Boundaries

Ep 30: Seek Ease and Choose Pleasure

Ep 29: How to Stop, Drop, and Feel

Ep 28: Chasing Happiness

Ep 27: Healing a Broken Heart 

Ep 26: The Gifts of Grief and Despair

Ep 25: Where to Begin

Ep 24: Love and Relationships

Ep 23: Attachments and Desire

Ep 22: Groundlessness

Ep 21: The Ego

Ep 20: Big Me vs. Little Me

Ep 19: Karma

Ep 18: Emotional Contagion

Ep 17: What About Selfless Love?

Ep 16: Joy Phobia

Ep 15: How We Heal

Ep 14: Unhooking from the Fear Crazy Train

Ep 13: Relating To Fear

Ep 12: Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Ep 11: On Spiritual Sensitivity

Ep 10: Self-Love in Action

Ep 9: What's Self-Love Got to Do with It? 

Ep 8: Psychology vs. Spirituality

Ep 7: Why Meditate?

Ep 6: What is Disembodiment About?

Ep 5: When Truth is a Pain in the Ass

Ep 4: Debating Manifestation and Acceptance

Ep 3: Why the Body?

Ep 2: Meet Brooke

Ep 1: Meet Vanessa