Fear of Being "Too Much" (121)

Have you ever worried that if you were to truly shine as bright as you could you would make others uncomfortable? Or have you noticed moments where you shut down your own potential or thriving? You also may believe that your needs, your emotions or your presence is just simply too much for people. The fear of “being too much” can be a very common one, especially in empathic circles, and can create patterns of inhibition that keep us settling for less-than. We’ve experienced this fear in our own lives, in our own ways, and that’s why in this episode we’re speaking about:

  • How we can manage our own aliveness to make others comfortable 

  • How fear can tell us that our thriving will take away from others or cost us our connection 

  • How to spot those protective strategies and move through them into embodying more wholeness in your life  

  • How sometimes we can be “too much” for others, but that has nothing to do with our essential self