Fuck Spiritual Shame (34)

In today’s episode we're talking about spiritual shame- or how certain signature spiritual bypasses evoke shame in other people therefore shutting them down and, well, making them feel like they suck at life. It can be a masterful manipulation- the one we’ve seen many a guru behaving badly employ (if you were just more enlightened you would want to sleep with me for example) The example we start with comes from a recent experience Vanessa had with someone who was pulling the “I’m just pure love, I totally inhabit love all the time, so what’s wrong with all you people who are not love and, cough, don’t like me when you should like me because I am love you assholes can’t you see that you are the ones sucking right now!?!!” Well, ahem, Vanessa and I did have a few choice words and apparently we had plenty more because we made a whole episode about it!