Spiritual Teacher Misconduct (119)

In this episode, we are speaking about the phenomenon of spiritual teacher misconduct. From shaming and judgment to outright abuse, there is a long history of spiritual figures engaging inappropriately with those they’re meant to guide. Yet these days it seems as if there is a new teacher exposed every few months. This is a big topic, that we could barely scratch the surface on, but in light of our recent discussions on relationships and safety, and because we do speak about so many teachers, we felt like it was time to add our voices to the conversation. We touch on how this can happen, but more so, what signs we may look for to identify an unethical, unsafe or ego-driven teacher. 

In our discussion, we cover many topics including: 

  • How a spiritual teacher can benefit us 

  • Polyvagal theory

  • Intergenerational trauma 

  • Co-dependency 

  • The importance of recognizing the humanity in awakened teachers

We know that people within this community may have been harmed by a teacher and we want you to know that we love you, we support you and we value you. We hope we did some justice to this important topic. May we together help raise consciousness and eradicate abuse in all forms of relationship.