Finding Truth in Your Body: An Interview with Kiran Trace (47)

If you’ve listened to the show before you probably know that we’ve been studying with our teacher Kiran Trace for a while now. Topics like “Pain Bodies” and the “Delicious Yes” were first heard in sitting with Kiran. Since many questions we get from listeners revolve in some way around ‘how can we know truth in the body,’ and since Kiran has been so fundamental in our own journeys, we thought it would be powerful to bring our mentor on the show to gain some clarity right from the source. 

Kiran is masterful at guiding people towards a more loving and direct relationship with their bodies and their lives. One of her upcoming classes, called Delicious Body, is her approach to the foundational exploration of learning to discern truth in your own body. So we asked Kiran to share a bit about this class, which you’ll hear us reference a few times throughout, because Kiran's work has been incredibly helpful in helping us discern our true north. 

This conversation is like an insiders “how-to” on tuning into your own inner compass for revelation and healing. From themes of self-love, to trusting yourself, to objectification and body dysmorphia, we’re having a mind-expanding conversation on self-recovery with our beloved teacher Kiran Trace. 

If you are interested in taking Kiran's Delicious Body course, we are providing an affiliate link which just means that you get $200 off the cost of the course plus other discounted goodies, and a percentage of your tuition goes back into supporting Bliss + Grit. So if it does resonate for you, please use the link when you register and we greatly appreciate you helping to support the show!