From Fawn to Fierce: A Conversation with Jane Clapp (140)

Today on Bliss + Grit we are speaking with our special guest Jane Clapp. Jane is a departure from our typical guest who speaks on spiritual awakening, but we love all that she has to say about trauma informed mindfulness and nervous system regulation interventions to transform overwhelm. She is a mindful strength and movement coach, a trauma informed embodied resilience expert and a Jungian Analyst in training. Brooke took a class with her called Fawn to Fierce that she really appreciated and we thought this topic of moving from Fawn to Fierce was perfect for all of us, and we are so glad we followed our intuition. We had a lot of fun with this interview and we are sure you will too.

In this episode we are speaking about:

  • What the fawn survival strategy is and how it can look in your life

  • How one can address trauma and limiting beliefs through somatic interventions

  • How to work with one’s nervous system in an intelligent way.

To find out more information about Jane Clapp and her upcoming Movement for Trauma training please visit