On Trauma and the Unbound Body: A Conversation with Judith Blackstone (103)

For our conversation today we are joined by guest Judith Blackstone, who is one of our mentors. Judith Blackstone, PhD is an innovative teacher in contemporary spirituality. She developed the Realization Process, an embodied approach to personal and relational healing and nondual realization. She is author of several books, including her latest work Trauma and the Unbound Body.

In our talk we speak about a subtle field of awareness within each of us that Judith calls Fundamental Consciousness. We cover how traumatic experiences are unconsciously bound into constrictions in our bodies, limiting both our personal expression and our experience of wholeness, as well as how when we discover ourselves as fundamental consciousness we can experience ourselves as an unbreakable, unified ground of being. Of course we also speak about how the Realization Process has changed both of our lives, and how these practices can mean the end of objectification and co-dependency.