Life as an Empath (43)

In today’s episode we're talking about life as an empath. It sprung out of our last episode about energy- we realized how helpful understanding the energetic underpinnings of patterns has helped us to be in our lives as empaths. So if you are an empath- or a highly sensitive person, or a sensey as we like to say- you’ve probably gotten really good at some management techniques for how to not get overwhelmed by the world. Maybe you’ve even encountered a number of well-intentioned people who teach techniques about how to shield yourself from feeling too much. But managing and shielding is hard work. It’s fatiguing. What if instead you could learn how to land in yourself- I mean really inhabit yourself- so that you didn’t feel at the whims of your environment and you didn’t feel like you needed to be vigilant against your environment and your sensey self?