Living From Truth (138)

Today we are discussing what we could call living from truth. I had an experience not long back where a mentor of mine was asking me to say exactly what I wanted, and I noticed a freeze response. This opened up for me a new depth of experience around what it really can feel like to live from truth, as opposed to following the momentum of past conditioning and habits. Many of us say we want to be authentic or know our true nature, or the truth of reality, but what does that really mean? We’re kicking it off by getting into some teachings from Adyashanti, and of course diving into our own experiences and challenges in stepping into greater alignment with our inner truth.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Adyashanti’s teachings on truth and agency

  • Matt Kahn’s book Everything is Here to Help You

  • What it means to follow a living path and meet life as an invitation

  • How thinking incrementally and focusing on becoming “more aligned” can be helpful

  • The embodied experience of choosing truth