Neurosculpting: A Conversation with Lisa Wimberger, Part 2 (123)

Today we are sharing the second part of our conversation with our guest Lisa Wimberger. Lisa is the creator of Neurosculpting, which is a self-directed neuroplasticity protocol. Specifically, it is a mental training process that quiets our fight-or-flight center and activates our prefrontal cortex, which is the mind’s seat of our compassion and empathy. We had so much to discuss that we made this interview a two-parter. 

In this episode we are talking about: 

  • How energy relates to your nervous system.

  • The importance of focusing on your body in your spiritual practice. 

  • How our past narratives filter our present moment experiences. 

  • The trouble technology creates for your vagus nerve.

  • How your “spirits design” can influence your choices. 

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