Our View of Healing and Transformation (128)

For this episode we zoomed out and explored: What is Bliss+Grit about exactly? More specifically, after nearly three years, 127 episodes and lots of personal healing, inquiry, and exposure to different teachers and practices: What is our working model of healing and transformation? How does conditioning store in us and how to we untangle that? And, importantly, if we aren’t our conditioning, what are we? It’s an ongoing lived inquiry more than a nailed down blueprint, and it’s more about building bridges between systems that are evocative of human potential rather than of picking a team and declaring it the winner. But here you go, at this juncture, this is where we’re at!

In this episode we talk about:

  • How conditioning stores in the body, the mind, and our energetic patterns

  • What do we consider optional suffering?

  • How do we de-condition ourselves?

  • What the nervous system has to do with it.

  • What are we when we aren’t our conditioning?

  • Our view of building bridges and connecting disciplines so that each of us can have our unique lived inquiry into our own lives, rather than a blueprint system.