Spiritual Bypass (76)

Today we’re diving into the issue of spiritual bypass. As I mention in the episode, I have beef with how common bypass is held up as what the spiritual path IS. When in fact, it is in direct opposition to what the path is. As Dorothy Hunt says in her book Ending the Search, "Spiritual concepts and spirit are not the same thing... It is the use of an idea of spirituality that keeps us unconscious.” Or as Vanessa says, bypass is using the spiritual path to avoid your shit. Usually while wearing the identifiers we call “spiritual person”.

Now, of course, this is something we will all do to some degree as we walk this path. I have done it plenty. So we’re not trying to create vigilance against this thing called bypass, But having a good working understanding of what the path is and what bypass is- and that they are not at all the same thing- can help us to have a deeply meaningful and transformative path and to stop unconscious harm towards ourselves and to the world.