The Spiritual Path is Not a Benzo (54)

We all want more peacefulness, but we can’t tranquilize ourselves into peacefulness. When we use our paths as a kind of energetic lid on things we don’t want to face t’s not just a desire for peace- it is a fear mechanism

We talk about how the labor of facing the things that aren’t in alignment for us can indeed be painful, but as with any birth there is something else on the other side of all that labor. What if we said it is possible for all categories of your life to be in total fulfillment. Is that one of the most challenging and blasphemous things we can say?

When we leave behind simplistic, and I would say harmful, bright-siding ideas that if we can just think happy thoughts we get a happy life what is this process we are actually talking about? How do clarity and unconditional love for the self lead to an aligned life? What is an aligned life?