John Lockley

Ancestry, Heart, and Instinct: A Conversation with John Lockley (67)

In this episode we’re talking with John Lockley, a South African Sangoma and author of the book Leopard Warrior, what it means to be fully human, how aliveness can be a messenger of our purpose, cultural appropriation, how to heal your ancestral lineage, the danger of avoiding the shadow, and aligning with your own wild nature. John shared with us that his reason for doing this work is to support people in becoming intoxicated with the sweet spirit of Mother Nature, and you can feel it in his words. 

Meditation and Song with John Lockley: Bonus (68)


This episode is a meditation and chant from African Sangoma John Lockley. He was kind enough to share this with us during our conversation with him and we decided to make it a bonus episode so that you can easily return to it and connect with it for your own practice.