YinOva Center

Energy Medicine: A Conversation with Jill Blakeway (127)

In this episode we are sharing our conversation with our guest Jill Blakeway. Jill is the founder and director of The YinOva Center in New York City and the author of several books, including her most recent book Energy Medicine. Together we discuss: What resonant bonds are and why they’re important to understand, research that shows how the power of our minds can affect machines, teachings Neale Donald Walsh with Jill on manifestation and choosing love vs fear, proven healings that can happen through energy fields, how interconnected we all are and the research that proves it, how to adjust your energy field in working with patients, how “energized” cell medium was found to change cancer markers in cells, what a “meaning field” is and why that’s important, research on charlatans in the healing and spiritual worlds.