judith blackstone

Hearing the Unseen Worlds (55)


Today we’re talking about what can be called the “unseen worlds.” We’re all connected to vast amounts of wisdom and resources, yet so often we’re not consciously aware of it. Naturally, much of this talk circles back to major themes such as learning to listen and trusting your life. 

Fuck Spiritual Shame (34)

There are certain signature spiritual bypasses evoke shame in other people therefore shutting them down and, well, making them feel like they suck at life. It can be a masterful manipulation- the one we’ve seen many a guru behaving badly employ... We have a few choice words to say about it in today's episode. 

On Spiritual Sensitivity (11)

In today’s episode we’re opening the door to the inner world of “sensies” aka spiritually sensitive people. What exactly is a spiritually sensitive person? How does being sensitive inform your life and your beliefs? Does it indicate a predisposition to spiritual paths?