Trust Your Life: Reflections on a Weekend with Adyashanti (46)

In today’s episode we're talking about a recent weekend we spent together in Ithaca going to an event Adyashanti was having there. We do a general download on what it was like to be with him, but more specifically, we point to his lens on what it means to trust your life. This is really the heart of this path. In so many ways you could say it IS the journey. Adyashanti also talked about how in many ways awakening is you becoming the most you. So often on the path we wind up recognizing how we are in conflict with both who we are and with what’s showing up in life. What are some of the complexities of how we turn away from the truth of who we are and of what is happening in reality? And, another one of my favorite topics of conversation, how is the body our most accurate truth sensing device?