Unhooking From the Fear Crazy Train (14)

Last week we started to talk about relating to fear, and then Vanessa’s power went out and we had a cliffhanger on our hands about what tools we use to deconstruct fear. Well it turns out we had a lot more to say about fear because we did a whole deeper layer episode on it...

Fear is going to arise in a human life, and putting on the blinders or trying Pollyanna approaches, it turns out, doesn’t really work. It just condenses and thickens fear in our systems. So when fear arises- and it usually comes on like a freight train and is totally consuming- how do we unhook it in the most honest, tender, and useful way? It can require a shocking amount of courage to relate with fear, and yet when we do it is very potent alchemy for our lives. There is actually a great deal of good news in fear.