The Gratitude Prescription: A Conversation with Will Pye, Part 1 (124)

Today we are speaking with Will Pye for a second time! Will is an author, speaker, and teacher, and we had our first conversation with him about his first book, Blessed with a Brain Tumor, and today we are talking about his most recent book, The Gratitude Prescription.  The embodied practice of gratitude has become a centrally important part of our own practices this year, and so we wanted to talk with Will about the deeply experiential practice of gratitude and how it is fundamental to the functioning of the human being, and how it can actually change your life. 

We had so much fun talking with Will that this is a conversation in two parts. Part 2 will air next week. And if you want to find more of Will’s work, visit

In this episode we are talking about: 

  • Gratitude as the realized state of God: the peace, love, and joy of what we are.  

  • The setup of this realm that we tend not to look for the good or the abundance. 

  • Gratitude as the mental practice of clarity. 

  • The data on gratitude as a remedy for depression. 

  • Gratitude is not a directive to bypass what is happening in the world. 

  • How to absorb, or digest, gratitude and get its full nourishment.