the Gratitude Prescription: A Conversation with Will Pye, Part 2 (125)

This is the second part to last week’s conversation with the author, speaker, and teacher Will Pye on his newest book, The Gratitude Prescription. We first interviewed Will almost a year back on his book Blessed with a Brain Tumor and enjoyed our talk so much that we invited him back to hear more about what he calls ‘radical gratitude.’ As someone who had a spiritual awakening in the aftermath of receiving a diagnosis of brain cancer, we find his teachings and recommended practices of gratitude to be very embodied, grounded and deep. 

We left off last week discussing why truth can be difficult to meet if we don’t have self-compassion. We pick up again with Vanessa asking Will to speak more on how personalizing our suffering can be problematic. 

In this episode we are speaking about: 

  • How personalizing our narratives and experiences of suffering can increase our pain 

  • How Will dealt with his own suicidal thoughts and depression 

  • How removing the label from experiences like depression can shift our relationship to it 

  • How building resilience is important in building the capacity to navigate difficult circumstances with a state of gratitude 

  • Why a regular practice can be so important in shifting our experience of life 

  • How to become more “grace-prone”

We also have an extra bonus for you because towards the end Will guided us through a beautiful gratitude practice that you can listen to over and over again.